Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm proud to announce my new blog is now in full service and is looking GREAT - come join myself and the other traders at Young Guns Trading

Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Screencast - SPY PTRY ATPG OIH BP


Original link HERE

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Major Change

Going to be some major changes to my blogging and trading life - as of right now I've spent the last month working and researching a new trading strategy using leveraged and inverse leveraged ETFs. I've practiced these strategies on and off in my swing trading account but I haven't focused on them as much as I will when I am testing this strategy.

As for this blog - it will be deceased shortly. I won't reveal the full details as to what I'm moving onto, but it is, indeed, bigger and better things.

Since the beginning, blogging, trading, and presenting ideas turned from a hobby into a passion. I will be teaming up with some very talented, young individuals to pave the way for a better community introducing new students to the market.

More details later...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I yell this at my chart screens everyday before I wake up. Every time I do so, I profit. That's my trading secret.

Not really. Update later.

On a side note, Gold feels all bubbly.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SPY Levels September 14

Couple of things - I know it's been a while since I posted. Just extremely busy lately. Anyway, check this out:


There's a few levels I'm watching for the $SPY right now - 113.20 obviously as resistance - pretty much everyone and their mom is watching that price. I highly doubt, being this overbought, that we can just bust through this level.

If we reach this tomorrow I'll probably load up short via ETF's (probably $TZA, maybe $QID or $SPXU) but that doesn't mean I'm expecting us to get obliterated.


111.40 would be a gap fill from the other day, and 111.20 would be the 200 MA - both look great as support. After that, I'm looking at 110.10 as previous resistance and prior support of the downward wedge we broke out of. A consolidation on any of these levels with stochastics pulled back to a less overbought condition would look very bullish.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Recap

Started off the month with consecutive losses - I finally got caught in the choppiness. It's ok though - made several VERY profitable trades late in the month (SA, SFSF, LRCX) with full positions that allowed me to end the month positive roughly +4%.

Today we got a little rally - I expect there's not much movement because of the nonfarm payrolls coming out tomorrow - which I'm going to expect the unexpected and assume it will be better than expected.

I'm trying to find some long setups right now that haven't already run - not having much luck at the moment. Nothing a SCREAMING buy as of last night - I made a trade out of boredom it almost seems today and partly regret it - in $BRCD. If we get a pop in the market tomorrow I still think this will run - it's trying to break out of a big channel.

More later...

Out $SFSF 21.50 (+1.43)
Covered $TPX 26.72 (-.38)
Out $SA 26.63 (+.78)
Out $TXN 24.20 (-.42)
Out $SPXU 32.87 (+.34)
Out $LRCX 41.26 (+.53)
Out $YUM 42.24 (-.66)
Out $PEET 41.45 (-.70)
Out $HOV 4.50 (-.11)
Out $RCL 29.29 (-.66)


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